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The best option to download would be EPUB or PDF (if you have large screen). MOBI is for Amazon Kindle, I don't own this device, so I'm not sure if this version looks well - I made a simple conversion from EPUB to MOBI. TXT file is small, but has no pictures and no formatting. FB2 is here just for the sake of it.

About the book & the author

I tried to make the site as self-explanatory as possible, so there's really nothing much to say.

My name is Aleksandr Imaykin, I'm a musician and a web developer. This is an ebook about rock musicians I compiled during my free time. It's free, so download and read it.

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If you know a joke that's not in the book and would like to submit it, you can do it here. Hopefully, there will be a second edition and I will add it.

Also you could write a review. I'd really appreciate that and will add it to the site.

Finally, if you notice any kind of mistakes, please report them here.

Alternatively, you can use my e-mail at the bottom of the page for these purposes.